Illustrator & Designer
Guba Publishing teams up with aid agency Save the Children to create a children’s picture book centered around the Rohingya refugee humanitarian crisis.

Set in the backdrop of a refugee camp in Bangladesh, and using activities and themes that are universal for all children around the world - such as playing, learning, sibling bonds and caring for a pet - the intention and goal of the story is to dispel the notion of the ‘other’ and to show that all children have the same needs regardless of where they come from.

It is due to be released in 2019.

Short Film
Writer, Director & Producer 
Quirky comedy about two ethereal beings in a profound conversation that ends with a twist.

The Repair Job is a 2min long short film that stars Imogen Butler-Cole and Oscar Reed. The music, which is fantastic, is done by Saad Chowdhury. Núria Pérez was DOP and Pritn Patel did the production design and Lee Viesnik was the foley sound recordist.


Author & Illustrator 
A curious girl called Tiny faces her fears and jumps into a magical lake and discovers what's underneath.

Tiny Jumps In is a picture book for children aged 4-8. Published in November 2017 by Guba Publishing, it's been so popular with children from around the world who love a story about taking on new challenges.

As co-founder and creative director of Guba Publishing, I really enjoyed making this book and being on the journey into marketing it!

Creative Director | Co-Founder

Guba Publishing is a small new independent publishing house specialising in children's content. It was founded in 2017 by Raya Rahman who is based in  Oakland, CA and myself, based in London, UK.

We share diverse stories to globally conscious citizens. We design our products to promote easy learning through boardbooksflashcards and posters

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