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A search and find picture book for children to learn about 12 seasonal festivals in Bangladesh through finding different members of a forgetful Bangladeshi family. The illustrated spreads show traditional festivals and children learn about the location and elements associated with the local culture.

"Where Are The Chonchols?" Picturebook

SKU: 9781946747235
  • Product Description: Children's illustrated search-and-find activity book in English
    Author: Inshra Sakhawat Russell

    Ilustrator: Syed Rashad Imam Tanmoy

    Format: Hardcover
    For ages: 4 to 8 years
    Pages: 42
    Size: 8"x10"

    ISBN-13 978-1946747235

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Visual communications led by Inshra Russell, a designer and illustrator based in London. Working with global brands and organisations, I help breathe life into great ideas.

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