Short Film
Writer, Director & Producer 
Quirky comedy about two ethereal beings in a profound conversation that ends with a twist.

The Repair Job is a 2min long short film that stars Imogen Butler-Cole and Oscar Reed. The music, which is fantastic, is done by Saad Chowdhury. Núria Pérez was DOP and Pritn Patel did the production design and Lee Viesnik was the foley sound recordist.


Short Film
Writer, Director & Producer
While auditioning for an ill-tempered guru,a girl sings a song that strikes a magical chord.

The Singing Teacher is a 12 minute short film that mixes music with magic realism. It is my debut short film and has won a 'Special Mention' award at IOFF 2016. 

Creative Director | Director & Editor

Creative treatment, storyboards and layouts, production and final output; I love being involved in the entire process.

The fashion and advertising campaigns I made for Aarong and it's sub-brand Taaga, Bangladesh's largest retail chain, are joyful and fun and have been viewed by millions.

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Music Videos

Dreamy and slightly surreal music videos with magical locations, stop-motion animation and in-camera effects.

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